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During the long history of the Association, many well-known people, the Christians who have left a good tracks and examples to follow, served God within the Association and its churches.

In this section we will publish brief biographies of such people in hope that reading these stories will enrich your spiritual life . Click on the links below to learn about the history of the particular minister.

If you have any additional information, please share it with us.



Павел Рогозин

Pavel Iosifovich Rogozin (1898-1974), a giant of faith, apologist and theologian, a founder of the plurality of churches around the world, including Hollywood and San Francisco, California. He is an author of many Christian books that still impact many theological views of believers and non-believers.

God also used this minister to bring to Himself Nicholas Vodnevsky in Germany and Rodion Berezov in America.

Short Biography | Vera Kushnir's testimony (in Russian only)

Иоанн Марк Галустьян

John Mark Galustyan (Galustyants) (1899-1987) is a prominent religious figure of the Russian diaspora, pastor, theologian, apologist and evangelist-preacher. A lot of people come to the Lord in different countries because of his preaching. Despite a lot of grave sufferings and persecutions, he was burning with love for his Savior and served as a blessing to many churches and people until God called him home.

After immigration to America, he traveled a lot around the world to preach the Gospel, but the place of his residence was Los Angeles.

Short Biography | History of My Life (in Russian) | Vera Kushnir's Testimony (In Russian only)

Родион Березов

Rodion Mikhailovich Beryozov (real lastname Akulshin) (1896 - 1988)

Poet, writer, journalist and former militant atheist and anti-Communist who became a fervent Christian and did lot of work for the glory of God. After he became a Christian, he lived and worked in Los Angeles.

Short Biography | Archive of his audio recordings (205MB) - click here to download

Николай Водневский 

Nikolai Aleksandrovich Vodnevsky (1922-2008), Christian poet and prose writer.

He was a founder of "Nashi Dni" newspaper, "Faith and Life" magazine, and "Rays of Light" calendar. He lived and worked in Sacramento, California, but the influence of his books and his service spread across the world in the Russian diaspora.

Short Biography | Alex Shevchenko Interview (in Russian) | Biography with Photos (in Russian)

 Vera Kushnir

Vera Kushnir (1926 - 2011), a woman of amazing destiny, everyone's favorite poet and writer. She lived and worked for the Lord in Santa Barbara, California, for many years. She kept close friendship and worked with N. Vodnevsky, R. Berezov, P. Rogozin. During many years, she with her father also served at the Jewish mission.

Short Biography | "Invisible Hands" - autobiographical novel by Vera Kushnir | Memorial Pictures

Andrey Prokopchuk

Andrey Yakovlevich Prokopchuk (1912-2017) - A long-time pastor, a preacher who served a lot in Paraguay, Brazil, Belarus, America and many other countries, along with well-known brothers of the first wave of emigration.

A Wonderful 104-Year Journey through Life | Interview with A. Prokopchuk (in Russian only)

Fyodor Karpets

Fyodor Petrovich Karpets (1926-2004) was a caring pastor, a missionary, and a very good person. Several times he was the Chairman of the Pacific Coast Slavic Baptist Association. Thanks to his sympathetic heart and sacrificial service, many third-wave emigrants were cordially received in Sacramento and received timely assistance.

F.P. Karpets' Short BIO | Some Additional Information |



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