Sierra Pines Camp

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In 2012, our Association was offered very favorable terms to buy the current summer camp property - Sierra Pines - A Christian Retreat Center. After a thorough investigation of camp’s current conditions, the Committee decided to purchase it.

Since end of 2012, hundreds of adults, youth, teens, and children from various churches had their camp on this facility and was blessed by beauty of the nature around the camp, fresh air, and magnificent views from the camp.

The camp needs a lot of upgrades and improvements. It's well known fact that camp ministry is not profitable; it required a lot investments and charitable donations.  PCSBA and Sierra Pines Camp are looking for the people who are moved by God to help this ministry.  Any kind of help and donations will be highly appreciated.

We believe that Sierra Pines Camp project will be a huge blessing for all our churches, and this property will be for the good of all churches of our Association for years to come. We encourage you to pray for God’s blessing in this project.

To view photos of the camp, please visit Sierra Pines - Photos. Camp’s website:

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